Rehabilitative Services of Plantation General Hospital offers a vast array of services and modalities including therapeutic exercises, heat and cold therapy, balance and gait training, coordination exercises, daily living activities, developmental training, body mechanics, posture, pain management, and home exercise programs. In addition, Plantation General’s professional staff is experienced in all areas of physical therapy, including neurology, orthopedics and workers’ compensation-and they treat everyone from kids to grandparents.

A key to our success is involving you, the patient, in setting your goals and educating you about your condition and home treatment program. Our bright and well-equipped department provides an inviting atmosphere and our professional and friendly staff are a pleasure to work with for patients of all ages.

When you are challenged by an injury or condition that affects your daily life, we will work with you to regain your maximal independent functional level as quickly as possible. Whether you suffer from an orthopedic, neurologic or medical problem, the licensed physical therapists at Plantation General Hospital will use their professional clinical expertise to assess and treat your condition one on one, with an individualized treatment plan.

We have flexible appointments available from 8:00am to 3:00pm.

To learn more, call (954) 321-4099.