At The Orthopedic Center at Plantation General Hospital, we take a leading-edge, comprehensive approach to the evaluation, treatment and rehabilitation of musculoskeletal injuries.

Our full-service approach, which integrates your primary care physician and surgeon with a host of clinical support staff, is designed to return you to maximum function as quickly and safely as possible. This integrated approach enables our clinical team to properly evaluate your condition and prepare you mentally and physically for the procedure by continuously monitoring and managing the entire pre- and post-surgical performance and progress. This unique continuum of care approach produces outstanding clinical and patient satisfaction results.

Our highly trained team of surgeons, nurses, physician assistants, rehabilitation specialists and medical support personnel works with you and your primary care physician to develop a customized treatment plan. Should you need surgery, you can be confident you’ll receive the most advanced surgical procedures using the latest technologies.

You will benefit from one on one care with licensed experienced professionals at all stages of your treatment; during and post-operative. Out-patient physical therapy is also available at PGH after your return home.

Joint Replacement and Reconstruction

Caring for a severely injured or diseased joint involves skilled, hands-on evaluation and appropriate diagnostic testing. We offer the latest treatments for diseases and injuries to all major joints. We manage pre- and post-surgical performance and progress and keep your primary care physician and surgeon informed every step of the way.

Foot and Ankle

We use the latest assessment and treatment tools to correct foot and ankle problems, including sports-related injuries; complex fractures; reconstructive surgery related to trauma; and reconstructive surgery related to arthritis or deformity. Our experienced personnel are certified in custom casting, splinting and orthotics.

Knee and Hip

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Sports Medicine

Injured athletes of all skill levels need an integrated, comprehensive sports medicine program. We use skilled, hands-on evaluation and diagnostic testing to create the best plan of care.

Work-Related Injuries

We view those injured in the workplace as “industrial athletes.” That’s why we help you return to work as quickly and safely as possible. Our coordinated evaluation and treatment protocols are designed to provide timely, quality care. Our team of physicians, nurses, rehabilitation specialists and other staff members provide fully integrated care that will get you back to work fast.

For more information on how The Orthopedic Institute can help you, call (954) 321-4099.