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Financing Weight Loss Surgery

We offer an array of financial options for cash pay and insured patients and our bariatric coordinator can assist you in your journey navigating through either.


If you have insurance and are interested in bariatric surgery, please contact your insurance provider to determine if they will cover your desired procedure. We recommend you ask the following:

  • Do you cover bariatric surgery?
  • What procedures do you cover (bypass, band, sleeve etc.)?

We also recommend that you record the individual you spoke with and the date/time of your conversation. If you have any questions or concerns, do not hesitate to contact us and a bariatric coordinator will assist you.

Expedite the process you should schedule an appointment with your primary care physician immediately. Ask him/her to help assist you throughout your journey by medically supervising a weight-loss program. Insurance companies vary in the requirement of this type of program, but on average they require 36 months. During the initial visit, ensure that your primary care physician weighs you and documents your weight in your medical chart. If you don’t have this consult with your physician, your insurance provider may deny or delays your bariatric surgery.

How do I start if I want to use insurance?

  1. Visit your primary care physician and ensure that he/she weighs you and documents your weight in your medical chart.
  2. Have your physician recommend an exercise and/or diet regimen, and make sure your physician documents these recommendations in your chart.
  3. Get weigh-ins at your physician office at least every four weeks. Have your physician document your weight in your medical chart along with your progress, and make recommendations on how to improve your progress. A complete note must be written noting your progress and the recommendations given.
  4. If the diet and/or exercise regimen is not effectively helping you lose weight, go see your physician again and have him/her recommend an alternative program. Continue the physician office weigh-ins. These visits need to be frequent and consistent.
  5. Have copies of this record available when you come in to see your Bariatric Surgeon. If your primary care physician has questions related to this process, have him/her contact your Bariatric Surgeon immediately.
  6. Remember to have your physician document everything in your medical chart.

Cash Pay (Self Pay)

We offer affordable options for our cash-pay patients. Our financial counselors can help you navigate this process and help you budget for this procedure.

To schedule a consultation with a Plantation General Bariatric Surgeon call (866) 843-8248.