Plantation, FL - Effective, August 3, 2020, Plantation General Hospital launched a new enhanced communication tool for the families of patients having surgery. Using a revolutionary HCA Healthcare Text Service, families of patients are able to get status updates regarding their loved ones throughout the surgical process.

This enhanced service, known as InfORmer has been developed by HCA Healthcare for its hospitals to offer to surgical patients. With limited access for families to be in hospitals given the COVID-19 pandemic, Plantation General Hospital believes that this service will help alleviate much of the concern people have when their loved ones are having surgery.

"People want to know what the status of their loved one's surgery is throughout the process and we feel that this communication tool will help tremendously," said Madeline Nava, Chief Executive Officer at Plantation General Hospital. "Patients are concerned too, and want their family to know where they are in their surgical procedure."

This secure texting service is simple for families to use and only requires a mobile device. In addition, hospital staff are available to assist family members with this service.

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