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Plantation General Hospital
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Neonatal Intensive Care Unit

Advanced Neonatal Intensive Care at Plantation General Hospital

For newborns in need of specialized care, Plantation General Hospital offers the most advanced neonatal intensive care services. Our Level III or Level 3 Neonatal Intensive Care Unit is one of the top units in the United States.

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What is a NICU?

If your baby is born ill or prematurely, he or she will be placed in either our neonatal intensive care unit (NICU) or our intermediate care nursery for special attention and treatment. Here your baby will be admitted to an incubator or warming bed and will be cared for closely. Around the clock, your baby’s care will be directed by neonatologists. A neonatologist is a pediatrician with additional training and experience in the care of sick and premature infants.

Plantation General Hospital has a Level III and a Level II NICU

The 31-bed unit offers Level III treatment for newborns in need of critical care and a Level II progressive care unit for more stable babies. The Level II unit assists parents with discharge planning and education designated to help them care for their newborns.

The NICU utilizes specialty infant beds designed for the safe monitoring and stable environment that high-risk infants require. To ensure safe medication administration, Plantation General Hospital uses the most advanced pharmacy safety measures and has a dedicated infant/pediatric pharmacy staffed by trained pediatric pharmacists. The teams in the NICU include experts who place specialized IV lines and respond to high-risk newborn deliveries. All these measures ensure the highest level of care for the most fragile infants.

Breastfeeding Babies in Plantation General Hospital’s Level III and Level II NICU

Parents are considered part of the care team and as infants improve, parents are encouraged to provide breast or bottle feedings. A baby in the NICU may not be able to breastfeed immediately. To assure that babies start with mothers’ milk, women who plan to breastfeed can store their pumped breast milk and colostrum in an on-site freezer until it’s needed.

Plantation General also has a lactation center. To assure that moms who haven’t been able to breastfeed immediately are successful, lactation consultants are available to work with new moms one-on-one. Lactation consultants offer breastfeeding classes before delivery, and upon request, they meet with new moms after delivery.

Baby Care Classes

The staff at Plantation General’s NICU wants parents to feel confident caring for their baby at home. To increase parent’s confidence, Plantation General holds Baby Care classes once a week for families with babies in the NICU. These classes, led by nurses certified in teaching CPR, help parents feel more comfortable when they take their baby home.

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